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*If the video has no profanity, nudity, explicit sexual scenes, and is of our broadcast quality standard , then we can approve the video for air.


If we select your submission, all submissions then must be, without exception, be accompanied by a fully completed and signed music video license agreement form and a full payment of $100.00 as a sponsorship/donation* Otherwise your video will not be aired on TV. We accept payment via

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Music Video TV Promotions
Essington, DE - We are bringing music to the coolest and hottest music event location in the tri state area The Deck at Harbor Pointe. 
Local and Regional bands are coming together EACH MONTH for Indie Music Night At The Deck at Harbor Pointe. The first Indie music night event presented by Elena Brokus Productions and sponsored by Keep Music Alive and Bongo Boy TV was held on November 22 2014.
Together we support Indie music and we are bringing to you a night of pure talent at a great location on a great stage with great sound. 
The evening is hosted by Elena Brokus Productions. About  8 live performances from local and regional indie music artists are each month in the line up. Rock to Country and then some. Parking is Free on the premises. Location: The Deck at Harbor Pointe, 101 Taylor Ave., Essington, PA 19029 Admission $10.
   Contest Winner 
Life is Hard - Music Video "Ten Miles 'till Empty" 

Start The New Year With A Bang!

Bongo Boy TV Launches Their Biggest Indie Music Video Contest To Be On National Television.

Independent musicians with original music video can entry a new contest for free with a Reverb Press Kit account. This contest is open in all genres and runs through 12/15/2014. Winners will be announce on 12/22/2014, just in time for Christmas….what a great gift this would be!
Bongo Boy TV and Strait Def Entertainment will select two (2) indie music videos from ReverbNation submissions and air them on 30+ TV channels from cable companies like NBC Comcast Universal, Cablevision, Time Warner, FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, Suddenlink, Charter Cable and RCN Network Television all on prime times in cities like Nashville, TN, New York City, Brooklyn, The Jersey Shore, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, California in towns across the United States.


The ELECTRIC BALLROOM interview which aired on 6/29/2014 on WRAT 95.9FM


BONGO BOY ROCK n' ROLL TV Show Series is a music orientated TV series that educates the viewers about upcoming indie artists and their quest to greater success. Produced by Bongo Boy TV and distributed. BBRRTV is a television show spotlighting indie music videos from around the world. While the increasingly crowded fields of new media outlets available to music creators, such as Radio, Twitter, Myspace or Facebook, Bongo Boy TV (BBTV) has been concentrating all their resources in good old reliable Broadcast TV for the last 4 years. Each TV episode broadcast on Televison on NBCUniversal Comcast, CableVision, TimeWarner Cable, Verizon/FiOS, RNC, Charter Communications, AT&T and Suddenlink. The first episode aired Oct. 2011.

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Channel 40 Central Jersey FiOS Cable Monday 9:30pm, Wednesday 10:00pm and Friday 11:30pm 
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Channel 67 Time Warner Cable Manhattan NYC 10/14/2014 Ep1033, 11/11/2014 Ep1034,12/09/2014 Monthly.
Channel 85 RCN Manhattan NYC 10/14/2014 Ep1033, 11/11/2014 Ep1034, 12/09/2014 Monthly.
Channel 33 FiOS Manhattan NYC 10/14/2014 Ep1033, 11/11/2014 Ep1034,12/09/2014 Monthly.
Thanks to our local sponsor Nancy Heyman.

Channel 36 FiOS Summit, NJ and 25 other surrounding towns Mondays at 3:30pm, Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Wednesdays at 10:30am and Fridays at 10:30pm 
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Channel 77 CableVision down the Jersey Shore area Monmouth County Tuesdays 10:00pm and  Fridays at 8:30pm
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(2013 BBRRTV 1st season 12 episodes) ( 2014 Renewed for BBRRTV 2nd season) 
Channel 9 NBC Comcast Nashville, TN  plus 19 Counties in TN  Tuesdays 9:30pm and Saturdays 8:30pm
Channel 99  AT&T UVerse Nashville, TN plus 19 Counties in TN  Tuesdays 9:30pm and Saturdays 8:30pm
Channel 15 Weed, California Broadcast Season One in 2013, Season Two 2014.
Channel 11 Nevada County, Turckee, East California Comcast Tuesdays 6:30pm, Thursdays 1:00pm, Fridays 8:00pm
Channel 16 Nevada County, Turckee, East California Suddenlink Tuesdays 6:30pm. Thursdays 1:00pm, Fridays 8:00pm 
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Channel 10  Carson City, Nevada - Started August 3 2014 Ep1030 Tuesdays 6:30pm, Thursdays 1:00pm and Fridays 9:00am 

Channel 26 Carson City, Nevada - Started August 3 2014 Ep1030 Tuesdays 6:30pm, Thursdays 1:00pm and Fridays 9:00am 
Channel Portland Oregon - Staring in October 2014 with Episode No 1028, November Ep1029, December Ep1030.  
Channel 26 NBCUniversal Comcast Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park and Atherton California - Times TBA
Channel 27 NBCUniversal Comcast Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park and Atherton California - Times TBA
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Channel 30 NBCUniversal Comcast Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park and Atherton California - Times TBA
Channel 99 AT&T U-verse Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park and Atherton California - Times TBA

Coming Soon - San Francisco, California Pilot Episode airing now. 
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Coming Soon - Santa Cruz, California Pilot Episodes airing now.
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palmyra delran, the gripweeds, milo z, genya ravan, pat dinozio, the smithereensPrevious TV guests on the BBRR TV Shows
* Palmyra Delran, * The Gripweeds 
* Milo Z
* Genya Ravan
* Pat DiNizio 
  and many more........

edwin lora, Rico Paralta, Brian Townsend, Skylands RollerGirls, Maria Mjares
Previous TV guest on the BBRR TV Shows
Artists and other non musical guests:
* Rico Paralta with co-host Edwin Lora
* Gerry Heydt, * Brian Townsend
* Skylands RollerGirls.* Maria Mijares, and many more
egon and pepso, electric river, the kut, chris pope, victoria celestineSegment in out TV shows:
"Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The Globe"
* Egon and Pepso, * Electric River
* The Kut, * Chris Pope
* Victoria Celestine
and many more see below in the episodes.

wild adventurez, mitchy b, fake pocket dail, jahann randall, FairhavenWe featured many indie film makers in our episodes by giving them their own segment.
* Wild Adventurez with Mitchy B
* Fake Pocket Dial director Jahnna Randell
* Fairhaven the movie director Tom O'Brien
any many more to come........

Episode No 1037 Holiday Special is an episode with eight exciting music videos from around the world.
Our first band hails from Union, NJ and are labeled as a Garage/Punk band The Accelerators. They have recorded a holiday single, “Santa is Coming to Town” that is an upbeat fun track complete with dancers with a Hula-Hoops that is destined to become a classic. 

They are from England, but make their home in San Francisco. Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates track,”The English Blues”, has old-country charm which appeals to the listener in a very heartfelt way, Well Done! Directors:  Matthews Edwards & Peter Locke. 

From the Big Apple, The Atonomic present their single “Are You Up For It” that has that signature “Rock of the 80's” electro/pop sound. This 3 piece band has that nice full sound due to the dual synth keys and electronic rhythm tracks. NICE! Directors Nadda Kanchanagom and Mitch Steinberg 

Be Boys from the Alpine heights of Lausanne, Switzerland gives a deep, emotional performance with their single “Beneath the Bridge”. Michael Resin's vocal range is incredible! This alternative/pop act is lying in wait to strike the vein of gold! Director Michael Resin. 

From Italy, Frankie Doc's music video, "Don't Stop Me When I Play" is a combination of Euro/Electro/Techno-Pop that would fill an American dance floor in the first few seconds, would love to hear a remix of this! Director Ruben Sanchez 

John Lennon's “Jealous Guy” is nicely performed as a parody by Bruce Lev from Arizona entitled “Jewish Guy”. This is hilarious and will have you going bananas. Director Bruce Lev. 

From the Left Coast and the state of California, The 99 comes out hot and heavy with “Do You Wanna Go” that asks “if it is a fantasy or is it reality”. You decide! Director Alvin Harrison

From New Jersey, Jackie Kringle & The Elves, aka members of the 60's garage rock band The Doughboys, featuring Mike Caruso, Gar Francis and Mike Scavone present their holiday music video " Let's Have A Rockin Christmas", with characters Jackie Three Fingers, Jackie Kringle and Jackie Jawbone that are a blast to watch...the story line and the cartoon-automatons play acting ROCKS! This is destined to be watched for years to come. Director Monique Grimme 
Don't miss this show, the music is fantastic and you will be mildly surprised at the talent presented here. 
This pre review was written by Michael “Jacobs” McKenna, Steel Notes Magazine, Lehigh Valley, PA.
Episode No 1036  is an episode with seven exciting music videos from around the world.
The episode starts with NYC's Jann Klose's “Make It Better” as he opens with a nice taste of urban-reggae married to an acoustic guitar and clean vox which sets the scene for a realistic story about issues we are exposed to in our daily lives. The rhythmic changes in the chorus are refreshing and energetic, love the hook! “You and I can make it better and help us cross that Great Divide”. The instrumentation used consists of stand-up bass, violin, accordion, acoustic guitar and a sit-on rhythm box that is way cool. Awesome track! Music Video Director: Yael Shulman

From Switzerland comes NazB with “Boomaye” that features his Nigerian-flavored hip-hop sound melded perfectly with pulsating rhythms as African dancers gyrate with electrifying moves and a sound that is very infectious. Director: Matteo VDiva Fabbiani

Cali's LifeSize music video “Thin Air” has a very eclectic sound that is accented by his his baritone vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Also, the ladies are HOT! Director: Scott Marshall

Odyssey, hailing from New Zealand, gives us “1st Impression” a music videos that is electro hip-hop in the mold of Daft Punk that is highly energetic and slick sounding. Director: Time McInnes and Odyssey

“YoYo” by New Jersey's Joey Evans is a fun sounding track that is very pop/country in flavor that could crossover into a few different formats. Director Joey Evans

From Minnesota, The Hamilton's “One Last Thing” is rock in very simple, pure form that is very refreshing to listen to. The acoustic strings are solid. Love the lyrics and the ending, WAY COOL! Director: Greg DeLiso

Hailing from Tennessee, Dre Hilton's “Yes I Can Can” just touches me to see artists appealing to children and influencing these young people in a proper way. This is a powerful message telling the children they can do anything they put their minds to....AWESOME! Director: John Jordan

Finally we have promo spot from The Crab Bubbles, “Fool For Your Love” which is a very 60's retro go-go tune that elicits memories of Hulabaloo! Their upcoming single soon to be released on Bongo Boy Records.  Check it out, you'll be amazed at the talent presented here, WELL DONE!  
This pre review was written by Michael “Jacobs” McKenna, Steel Notes Magazine, Lehigh Valley, PA.
Episode No 1035  is an episode with six exciting music videos from around the world. With her very well- produced music video, “Prisoner of Love”, we start with recording artist Chickie Pagano from Boston Maine. Chickie has a good strong voice; boy can she sing and that is the main thing.  Aside from that, the video is well made and doesn't come off like an indie video made in someone's basement - they did a really good job with the video.   
Director: Austin Hein

The second music video comes from The RockTronix from Atlanta, Georgia.  The track is called “When I Become a Butterfly”.  This is 180 degrees from the first video.  Any video for a song that features lyrics about dying and becoming a butterfly that flies to hell and back is a video worth seeing.  Director: Justin Rogers

Music video number three in this episode is “Say What's Real” by Conceptz from New York City.  It's nice to see a rap video in which the rappers bring the focus back to the music.  Director: Le Roy C Brown Jr.

The fourth in line is by Blind Lemon from San Francisco, California. The man does old school blues. The song is called “Midnight Assignation”.  The song rocks from start to finish and Blind Lemon can play a nice slide guitar. Director James Byfield

Music video number five comes from Switzerland and is by Greg Nashvil.  His song is called “Streets Of My Mind”. The music video is the trailer of the Indie film "Simply Gay Le Film". Directed by Michael Resin.

Conceptz are back for the next video which is called “Before Rap”.  This video shows just how universal music is.  Check it out. Director: Le Roy C Brown Jr.

There is also a quick promo video for song “Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me” from The Satisfactors new album.

Also a promo spot of the upcoming single by Crab Bubbles ft. Dale Lee Richards “Fool For Your Love” coming soon in 2015 on Bongo Boy Records. 

Another episode is upon us as we’re making America proud with our new episode; all new music videos from right here in the U.S.A. and we are doing it way cooler than the other music networks do today.

We present from Tualatin, Oregon, Candice Russell and her brand new music video “So Much More”. This music video will touch your heart as the little girl featured in this music video, always wished to be in a music video with her favorite artist, Candice Russell. Her wish came true. All made possible by Director Visual Aid, Inc, Reflect Records and the Make A Wish Organization in Oregon Artist site: and

Odds Lane “Out My Window” from St. Louis, Missouri, United States, with special appearance Beatle Bob as a loyal fan of the band. If you know the Beatles you have heard of Beatle Bob and his very informative newsletters. The music video was directed by Doug Byrkit Band web site: and Facebook:

You will see two music videos by Steve Ryan “Real Time” and “Your Stare” which will be closing out this exciting episode. Both are lyrics music video directed by Steve Ryan. Steve is from Warner Robins, Ga. USA. Steve’s music has been described as inspirational, ground breaking, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable. His lyrics are just outright magical. As you do your homework and research Steve Ryan, you will discover that he has a HUGE following. As you listen to his music and lyrics or read one of his books, you will see why this artist can write! Web site: and

Naomi K and her music video “When I Was Young” directed by Dalen Muster. Australian/Dutch Singer Songwriter & Actor, living in Los Angeles, California, USA. Artist web site and Facebook:

Hailing out from the town Howell, New Jersey, which is very close to The Jersey Shore, The Joey Evans band keeps Jersey rockin’. His music video “Blue Skies Ahead” was featured in our show episode 1030 and Joey Evans is back stronger as ever with a brand new music video “Strange”. Directed by Joey Evans. Web site: and Facebook:

And what would The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show series be without a hip/hop rap artist music video? From New York City we present Conceptz and their latest music video “The Purest One”. Conceptz was formed in 2011 they are a hip-hop based duo from Orange County, New York. The duo consists of Short Fuze (Fuze 4 Short) and Highrowglyphfix (The Penns). They're both brothers and although people confused them as twins, they're actually 10 years apart. The music video is directed by LeRoy C Brown Jr from Hydra Management Records. Band web site and

The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show Series is produced by Grammy/BMI member Gar Francis and Musicologist Monique Grimme. If you like to have your music videos seen by 8 major cable subscribers across.

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Presents Indie Music Videos from Around The World Ep,1033
Hold on to your hats, boys & girls. Another episode of Bongo Boy TV-Indie Music From Around The World is upon us, and this collection of music videos, makes it my favorite to date according to International Indie Music reviewer Bobby Gottesman, Toronto Canada.
Danish band, Vinyl Floor opens this month’s show with “Change The Song“, a way cool 1960’s pop song, with a 1980’s vibe. The guitar riff and solo are wonderfully simple, and the vocals and harmonies, are wonderful. Add hand clapping, and well, you have a great track, playing against a video that cuts between the band, and the story.

The United States’ Sound Drive gives us “Hello“. This is one hell of a band. The vocals are great, accompanied by cool harmony, and dynamite guitar. The melody and changes are exciting, and the hook is unforgettble. There is a wonderfully Beatlesque feel to this song, with the video focusing on the band’s performance. Very cool. http://www. 

Canadian Matt Blais delivers a rock classic with “Running“. The video offers some great editing, but the song got my attention. The guitar is dynamite with great licks and riffs, and the vocals superbly somewhere between Bryan Adams and Barney Bentall. The melody still plays in my head. http://

E RillA, from The United States, donates the Hip Hop “I’m Gone“, with a great black & white classic film opening. There are wonderful strings, and some way cool changes. http://www. 

From Portugal, Heylel‘s “The Prophet” is an interesting Progressive-Rock track. The vocals are wonderful, while keyboards gently push the musical movements along. The video has way cool special effects, but I would expect no less from a Progressive-Rock song. http://www. 

Amy Schugar, from The United States, delivers “500 Miles Away“, an exceptionally cool blues number. The simplicity of the guitar, bass, piano, and drums make it incredibly accessible. The vocals are outstanding. This girl can sing the blues!! The guitar riffs and solo are great, and the video gives us great shots of Amy’s guitar playing. http

The show concludes with The Accelerators, another American band, with a wonderfully cool song, “Sex In A Cemetery“. The video, shot in black & white, is simply cuts of the band performing, and goings on in a cemetary at night, with horror film stereotypes. And it works. The song is wonderfully punk-rock, something that could be on The Ramones album of your choice. There are cool harmonies, and a great guitar solo. Listen to the lyrics…I haven’t stopped laughing. http://www.

And let’s not forget the cool promo clips for Bongo Boy Records’ Chris Pope, and his new single, a cover of The Kinks’ “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion“, and The Satisfactors soon to be released album, also on Bongo Boy Records. You don’t want to miss this episode !

The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show series Presents: Indie music Video From Around The World Ep1032
The new episode No 1032, has seven indie artists that have accomplished a lot to get their music videos on television. Some have traveled around the world like the Russian band Mumiy Troll, who were  recently featured in the Wall Street Journal entitled,  “A Russian Band Looks for a Home Abroad” , an article by Robert P. Walzer. 
In May, The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show enlisted together with Broadjam, to hold the first “Bongo Boy Indie Music Video Contest” and generated a winner with Texas band Life Is Hard. Their song   "Ten Miles 'till Empty", is a cool country song with enjoyable harmonies, and a great slide guitar. Along with a pretty slick production of their video, it’s easy to see why they were the winners!
Another Texan, J-Hen, joins in the new episode and delivers a super cool classic hip hop/pop song with "Baby Come On". The video is outta this world and can this guy sing! Dynamite on the vocals!
Also in this episode is previous BBRR guest, Funkmaster Milo Z, from New York City. Milo Z current song "Do Ya Thang” is a rap/hip hop tune with a twist! This danceable song has some cool guitar riffs and a great horn section!
You can still catch Milo Z previous interview online with BBRR host Wayne Olivieri. Check out The Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show series Ep1014:
Be sure to catch Gar Francis, the New Jersey garage guru, in the new episode! He does a great job with effects in the lyric video for "Man on the Moon". This video includes some wonderful art by Dutch painter Cornelis le Mair, along with some cool guitar licks and a beautiful melody by Gar; this is one video you don’t want to miss!
Next up we have Bruce Lev, out of Arizona. He does a nice job on his song "Catwoman", and his video is titled "Catwoman Returns!”  The song is filled with great guitar riffs and licks, and a cool solo played over a great bass line. There are sweet changes, with nice harmonies and a cool melody. The video edits back and forth between the band playing on a river bank, and other images. Bruce Lev also received songwriting & video honors in the 2014 Akademia Music Awards: 
for Best Hard Rock Song – CATWOMAN and Best Music Video CATWOMAN RETURNS!
Natalie Jean, from the United States, provides us with the electro/pop dance track, "Mission". Her vocals have great effects, while the video uses time lapse techniques. Natalie Jean was nominated in the #IMEA's - International Music and Entertainment Association, Inc. - IMEA - Christian/Gospel Female Artist of The Year and nominated in the HMMA Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Vocal (Female).  
Also included is a cool teaser for The Satisfactors' new album "Gimme My Rock n' Roll", which is coming soon from Bongo Boy Records. 
Read more reviews like in this press release  by International Indie Music Review Bobby Gottesman, Toronto Canada online here

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show No.1031 - Presents INDIE MUSIC VIDEOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD

Radio Drive, featuring Kevin Gullickson are back for another week with 'A Taste Of Heaven'. This band from The United States song combines a strong melody, sweet riffs and a 1980's feel. Add to that some great visuals, and you have one dynamite video.  previous Ep.1030 
A German entry, Hella Donna, featuring None Like Joshua (NLJ), the American rapper, offer 'Gimme Lights, Camera, Action'. An interesting fusion of elctro-pop and hip hop showcases this woman's great voice, and some wonderful video techniques.
Hella Donna has been seen on The Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Ep. 1023
An English entry, 'Hard Heart' from Sharp Practise, is a wonderful blues song, with a video appropriately shot in black & white. There are way cool special effects, nice transitions, and some cool keyboards.
Another American entry, Rob Rise On Belief, gives us 'The Chosen One', is an amazingly interesting video. There is acoustic guitar, and dynamite vocals, that kicks into a way cool rock tune, with great guitar and wonderful harmonies. An incredibly powerful song.
Also from the United States, Saydah with 'Bound2Break', shows how to make a great music video. Amazing vocals, great piano, and some very cool synthesized horns, filmed in black & white. The minimal instrumentation keeps the focus on this woman's voice, as it should be. Courtesy of Wu Tang's Zu Films INC. Music Video Editor Cameron Starke. Writer Ephraim. Songwriter Saydah
Chand K Nova, delivers 'Solar Bliss' all the way from England. This is a way cool animated video, set amid an instrumental that showcases amazing guitar. All in all, way cool. 
Added to this episode, you lucky viewers, is a sample of Jana Peri's "Ballerina Of The Bowery", featuring clips of Jana, Gar Francis, and Kurt Reil, and a drop in spot by Bruce Ferguson of The Easy Outs. What else can I say. The show rocks. 
Reviewed by International Indie Music Reviewer Bobby Gottesman, Canada
Sponsored by the Indie Artists in this TV episode, by Dave Boogieman 11L Radio New York International and Bongo Boy Records 
VixDJ Monique Grimme

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show No.1030 Presents INDIE MUSIC VIDEOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD

Rozii Chaos an English entry packs a solid song into a cool, glossy video. "The Beginning Of The End" , a power-pop track with rock instrumentation, has an unforgettable hook. The visuals are dynamite, I mean, there's not much better than a leather clad woman playing guitar! This is just plain sexy as hell. Composed & recorded by Rozii Chaos at Circle Studio Birmingham, UK . Mastered in Los Angeles by Steve Baughman. The Video was shot on location by Rolling Vision in the UK.
"Slow It Down", a U.S.A. entry by The Wild Fruit, is a great rock-blues tune with great vocals and some very cool changes in tempo. The video cuts in and out of footage of the band playing in what appears to be a Louisiana swamp. Americana is captured by the ever present white Camero, and the female drummer may just be sexier than a female guitarist. Way cool. Created by David Harrison Skipper of Reel Team 6.
There can't be a representation of American music without the inclusion of Hip Hop. B Bless ft. The Gipht provide "She's Looking Good". With its great vocal effects, and special visual effects, this video is surprisingly entertaining. You can find the a track from B-Bless’ EP "The Found King". The Music Video was directed by the Savages of Savage Haus.
Secret Wish, an entry from Belgium offers "Ivory Tower". A keyboard centered sound helps to create a video filled with young women swaying and dancing to a 1980's electronic pop song. Wonderful to look at and an interesting listen.
A Canadian entry, Blow Flyy, gives us "My Wings Will Take Me". The black & white footage presents a wonderful backdrop for the electronic effects of this Hip Hop song. With some visual Film Noire elements, this is fun to watch.
Radio Drive, ft. Kevin Gullickson submitted "New Direction".The fast pace of the video edits is great amid the slower feel of the song, which by the way, has me thinking somewhere between Chris Issak and Chris DeBurgh. The drumming is exceptional, and the lead guitar made this song memorable. The music video was shot in Alexandria Egypt directed and edited by Lewis Sanders IV.
Another American entry, Joey Evans' "Blue Skies Ahead", is a cool country-pop song, playing amid quick edits of this singer-guitarist in various guises-cowboy, folk artist & mod rocker, standing in locations befitting his various incarnations. There are way cool transitions into and out of a drum & hand clapping break. The lead guitar work is dynamite, and the bright red Rickenbacker is very cool.  Reviewed by Bobby Gottesman.
Produced by Monique Grimme & Gar Francis 
VixDJ Monique Grimme 

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show No.1029 Presents INDIE MUSIC VIDEOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD

Stratospheerius - One Foot In The Next World
Barbara Harley Band - My Last Message
Gar Francis - Back in 1985
Tamara Bubble - Cut The Check
The Accelerators - You Need Somebody
TV Spot - Johnny Commando the single by The Satisfactors
The Doughboys - Queen City Live Rock n Raw
The Whitaker Brothers- Good Love
Produced by Monique Grimme & Gar Francis 
VixDJ Monique Grimme

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show No 1028 Presents INDIE MUSIC VIDEOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD

Indie Music Videos from around The World brings you artists best work to Television.
A complete episode filled with Official Music Videos from Indie artists from around the World.
This episode includes the following bands:
Electric River - Phony Radio from England 
Web site Facebook
The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anyway from England 
Web site Facebook
The Swinging Iggies - The Pain from The Unites States
Web site Facebook
Chris Pope - Mutiny on the Thames from England
Web site Facebook
Trip To Dover - Be Juliet - from England
Web site Facebook
Dust Bowl Jokies- Boots On, Rock Off - from Sweden 
Web site Facebook
Scary Cherry and The Bang Bangs - Girl - from The Unites States
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Produced by Monique Grimme & Gar Francis 
Announcer Betty Restaino

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show No.1027 Joey Kelly from Buddy Love on Gotta Talk About It With Jana Peri.

Host Jana Peri meets up with Joey Kelly from Buddy Love  in New York City. 
Joey talks in detail about his 80's hit "Sheila" and his days at The Mudd Club the place to be for art, music and fashion in its heydays. Introducing the latest album by Buddy Love (released 2011) Also the fun Joey has now with his most current project the Joey Kelly's All Stars band. 
Introducing the latest release by The Satisfactors their punk rock single "Johnny Commando" a tribute to Johnny Ramone.
Bongo Boy's segment " Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The Globe" features The Swinging Iggies and their official music video for their single " The Pain".

 Ep. 1026 - In Post Production

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Ep.No.1025 March 2014 We are featuring in house guests songwriter Steve Messina from Blow Up Hollywood and introducing singer/songwriter Lauren Marsh. Web site Steve Messina Blow Up Hollywood Lauren Marsh
Hosted by Wayne Olivieri and produced at SHOWTIME Studio. Episode producer Gar Francis and Monique Grimme
S E G M E N T S Indie Band Brought To You From Around The Globe is Romy Conzen from Belgium with her official music video " Cruel To Be Kind". "Studio Vibes" hosted by Kurt Reil. Musician/producer Kurt Reil explains about the Beatles, 2 inch tape and analog recording in the segment Studio Vibes. Introducing a brand new segment hosted by NYC Power Pop/Rock n' Roller Jana Peri. Jana hosts the segment that is called"Gotta Talk About It With Jana Peri" A segment that sits down with NYC artists and gets the scope about their music and latest news. (Segment producer Bobcat Rawks filmed at Manitoba's bar in the East Village, NYC.)
E P I S O D E   P L U G I N S:
1) Keith O'Connor Murphy explains the importance of using a music producer for your music projects.
2)Thank you to our votes for The Coolest Song In The World --
"Like Nothing That You've Seen" by Mark Lindsay Underground Garage on Sirius/XM Channel 21 Radio host Steve Van Zandt

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Ep.No.1024 INDIE BANDS Features indie talents from around the world. Host Wayne Olivieri and segment host Kurt Reil introduced three different indie bands. Wayne welcomed award winning Canadian recording artist Jon Mullane at the show at SHOWTIME Studios. Producer Monique Grimme and Wayne traveled to meet the garage band from Sweden Stupidity at Manitoba’s bar in East Village NY and Kurt Reil met up with rock folk band The Wyld Olde Souls at front parlor at SHOWTIME studios for an interview. 
Ep1024 also introduced is the brand new single by Jon Mullane Body Rock (released on Bongo Boy Records)
Show sponsors 
11L Radio NEWYORK International with DJ Dave Boogieman, Showtime Boutique, Deuce Mgmt Co London, MoPromo Mgmt, Bongo Boy Records.
Music placed: the Show theme song “Lady Gage” by The Swinging iggies 
”the One That Got Away”, My All American Girl” & “Body Rock” by Jon Mullane, 
“Something Good Guys Don’t Wear White” & “King Midas” by Stupidity, 
"Where The Light Is" “The Dam”, “Leave Her”, “Flyin Bird” and “Anything” by The Wyld Olde Souls.

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Ep1023 The Winter Olympics with Luge & Figure Skating Olympians.
Indie Band Brought To You From Around The Globe is music video from Hella Donna from Germany
New segment Studio Vibes with interview with London Egg from New York City. Segment host Kurt Reil 
The show is hosted by our Wayne Olivieri 
Music placed in this show:
Theme song Lady Gaga by Swinging Iggies 
Come On. Come On by The Easy Outs
Rattle That Box (instrumental)by Plainfield Slim
Love Sick Train (instrumental) by Plainfield Slim
Shine On by Gar Francis
I'm Still Alive by Gar Francis
Tragedy by Gar Francis
Hosted by Kurt Reil Producer at House Of Vibes
Guest London Egg music Love Will Light Your Way
Music Video On Fire
Ballerina Of The Bowery by Jana Peri
Heavy Cross by Gossip
Second Waltz by The Violanta the Dutch Street Organ
Looking To The Future by Gar Francis
Show Sponsors

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Ep1022 The Blues A full episode with Chicago Bluesman Mike Gallemore & Lee Delray from NYC. Wayne Olivieri sat down with 2 blues musicians and talked about their music experience in the state of New Jersey and with their band. Both guests have new released cds out as well. Introducing the new segment "Indie Films From Around The World" which gives indie filmmakers the opportunity to preview their trailer on television. The Indie film SEPTEMBER which is directed Penny Panayotopoulou from Greece premiered at the Toronto International Film festival with great success. Bongo Boy TV debuts here their trailer.
Music in this episode:
Dirty Girl instrumental performed by Plainfield Slim & The Groundhawgs
Moan - Music Video performed by Plainfield Slim & The Groundhawgs at NY Rocks
How Much I love You performed by Lee Delray
Tell Me Why performed by the Bad Hands
Another Mule In The Barn performed by Plainfield Slim
Walking In The Rain - Music video performed by Lee Delray (created by MoPromo Mgmt Co)
Front Light On performed by The Bad Hands
It's A Little Too Lare performed by Lee Delray
Out In The Country Music video The Bad Hands (created by MoPromo Mgmt Co)
It Ain't Easy performed by the Bad Hands
No Time Blues performed by Lee Delray
I Got It performed by Lee Delray
Shake Me Down performed by The Bad Hands
When The Devil Hits Home ending song - Performed by Plainfield Slim & The Groundhawgs

websites for Plainfield Slim

Ep 1021 - In Post Production 

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Ep1020 American singer - songwriter Willie Nile plus PEEPERS.
This month our guest is American Singer and Songwriter Willie Nile. With his new album "American Ride" Willie and his band are in the middle of touring this beautiful country and the world. In his busy schedule Willie found time to sit down with our host Wayne Olivieri for a in depth interview about the life of Willie Nile at our studio SHOWTIME in Belvidere, NJ. 
Together with Johnny Pisano and Alex Alexander these guests are taking you on a tour of American Rock n Roll music. Willie Nile website

BBRRTV  Ep1019 Life Can Throw You Some Tough Punches; An Interview With World Champion Boxers Jill Matthews & Larry Holmes.
Gar Francis & Monique Grimme produce a monthly cable TV show series which is growing in distribution as well as in their “heavyweight guests”. This month Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show host Wayne Olivieri welcomed Heavyweight World Champion boxer Larry Holmes in their SHOWTIME studios in Belvidere, NJ. Together with Jr. Flyweight World Champion female boxer Jill Matthews; they sat down with Wayne to talk about their careers as professional boxers, their careers after boxing, business, health and family. Jill Matthews is also known as the front man of the Punk Rock band Times Square which in the 90’s released an album called “Learn It”. The band is ready to release their latest album soon. Jill talks about what it is like to be a female boxer and her personal challenges life has thrown her outside the boxing ring. Larry Holmes discuss his wins and fights with Mohammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and now good friend, Gerry Cooney. Larry also shared his latest news about the continuation of his TV show “What The Hack Where They Thinking” on Leigh Valley PA channel 69 and his commitment to the City of  Easton PA which he is actively involved in. 
The segment “Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The World”, which gives an indie artist the opportunity to show their finest work in a music video, features an talented artist from Manchester England. Franco and The Dreadnoughts present his official music video for “Last Man Standing”. Franco a songwriter/guitarist, was personally hand pick by Desmond Tutu to write a song for Nelson Mandela’s birthday called "Inyaniso”  (translation – “Truth”) 
Also debuting is the brand new music video by The Grip Weeds. The band from Highland Park NJ introduces their latest music release. A project for the Sandy Relief which is a compilation album that includes the 60’s hit song by the Nuggets and Knickerbockers “Lies” recorded and performed here by The Grip Weeds. 

Ep1018 with R&B Jazz & Pop recording artist Bobby Caldwell Aired August 2013
Indie Band Dust Bowl Jokies from Sweden with their new single "Boots On Rocks Off" taken from the album "Cockaigne Vaudeville" 2013 
Bobby Caldwell went from blue-eyed soul to pop, R&B and standards singer/songwriter, Bobby Caldwell is truly one of the most respected members of the music industry. He sat down with Bongo Boy TV host Wayne Olivieri for an exclusive interview at our SHOWTIME studios. Learn more about his rich musical background and career as Bobby introduces also to his brand new album" House Of Cards". Bobby chose a career in music at the tender age of 17. He has devoted his entire life to song writing, recording, performing and most of all making people happy. Bobby has toured the USA and the globe for 40 years, bringing his music to fans of all ages and backgrounds, and he continues to do so.
Our Rock n' Roll segment " Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The Globe" features a rock band from Sweden. The band was formed in March 2011. Dust Bowl Jokies first 2 track single "Dust Bowl Jokies" was released in late 2011 and the second single "**** Of Babylon" was released in early 2012. In September 2012 Dust Bowl Jokies signed for Rambo Music/Gain Music Entertainment and will release their first full length album "Cockaigne Vaudeville" in February 20th 2013. Brought to us by Deuce Mgmt Co. UK.
Little Steven Underground Garage announces the 2nd "Coolest Song In The World" by Mark Lindsay "Show Me The Love" of Mark's brand new album " Life Out Loud". Co-written and Co-produced by Mark Lindsay and Gar Francis. Watch the cool spot in this episode. 
Bobby Caldwell website
Dust Bowl Jokies website
Mark Lindsay website
Gar Francis website

Ep1017 Our Story Jets & Sharks Now and Then - The West Side Story - Aired July 2013
Host Wayne Olivieri met up with the original cast members of the West Side Story in our SHOWTIME studios. Talked discussed their published book Our Story Now & Then Jets & Sharks. Currently for sale on Amazon.
BBRRTV music segment "Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The Globe" is from Canada. Jon Mullane and his All New American Girl presented to us through Deuce Management Co a very high-end music video of his single from his album SHINE. 
Web sites:
Our Story - The Book  
Jon Mullane :
Music by Gar Francis
The music video The Pain created by Monique Grimme and Performed by the Swinging Iggies
Songwriter Gar Francis
Music clip - Life Out Loud - New album by former lead singer of Paul Revere & The Raiders Mark Lindsay
Video created by Monique Grimme
Performed by Mark Lindsay available at for $14.00 plus shipping/handling
Seal of approval from the Jerome Robbins Foundation

Ep1016 The Grammys - Linda Chorney. Aired June 2013
Wayne Olivieri interviews Grammy Nominated Recording Artist  Linda Chorney.
Linda’s story has been well covered during the Grammy nomination announcements in 2012 by many music professionals.
This indie artist that DIY and was accepted in 8 categories with her new album “Emotional Jukebox”  ended up be nominated for Best Americana Album and wrote the book "WHE THE F*&^K IS LINDA CHORNEY".
Watch this episode as Linda walks us through her Cinderella story and how many people pooped in her slipper after the Grammys.
Including in this episode is the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District Annual Benefit Dinner which was held to raise money for a college fund in North Plainfield NJ. Wayne shows his culinary skills in and around the kitchen  as a food preparer and volunteer during this fancy sit down dinner.
And our Music Segment “Indie Band Brought To You From Around The Globe” features  – The Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs from Texas. This band has been described as the “love child” of Alice Cooper and Joan Jett. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think- email us at

Series Episode Ep1015 ROBOTICS Aired May 2013

Exciting new show which covers the sports of ROBOTICS in High Schools across the State Of New Jersey.
Mentor Dave Nocera explains the details about this scientific sport as we followed the team COLD FUSION. 
The segment called "Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The Globe" features Picture Perfect from New Jersey with their music video
"When The Coast Is Clear"  which hits half million viewers on YouTube. 

Ep1014 Aired April 2013
In studio guest: Milo Z - A New York Institution of Razzamofunk.
The segment called "Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The Globe" features Electric River from the UK with their music video "Phony River"
brought to Bongo Boy by Deuce Mgmt.
Guest web site
Electric River

Ep1013 .
Talented artists and great music. Aired March 2013
Indie Band Brought To You From Around The World segment features a band from the Slovak Republic called Egon & Pepso with this music video "Anger"
We will meet Brian Townsend in Plainfield NJ. Brian shows our host Wayne Olivieri where the Art is located in central New Jersey. Like duCret School of Art and Artist/teacher Gerry Heydt art studio.
Also in that same segment you will meet the owner of the oldest private held Art Gallery in New Jersey - Ann Swain from the Swain Galleries in Plainfield, NJ
In SHOWTIME's studio our guest is Phil Blanche - Cartoonist/Fine Line Artist and business owner of Philberts Pub in Washington, NJ.
There is a trip to the Morris Museum where we talk with artist Maria Mijares as she explains about her 30 years of art which is displayed in her solo show at the museum called "Immortal Structures: Here & There - After".Our field corespondent Edwin Lora, introduced a talented artist from the DR - Rigo Peralta, who explains the similarities of his paintings with the fashion style "Steam Punk" which is know as Victorian Science-fiction as he invited us to his studio at the Banana factory in Bethlehem PA.We end the show with New Brunswick's best kept secret in Art.

Music placed in this episode courtesy of Bongo Boy Records.
Ol Toms River - performed by Gar Francis
Twilight - performed by Gar Francis
Raise A Hand - performed by Gar Francis
How It Supposed To Be - performed by Gar Francis
Palaces - performed by Gar Francis
Midnight In Rome - performed by Gar Francis
Above The Restless Crowd (July 29, 1965) - performed by Gar Francis
Sweet Jesus - performed by Plainfield Slim
Another Mule In The Barn - performed by Plainfield Slim
Bang You're Gone - performed by Plainfield Slim
The Pain - performed by The Swinging Iggies
Love Sick Train - performed by Plainfield Slim
Shake It On Down - performed by The Swinging Iggies
Constant Turn - performed by Gar Francis

Ep1012. Aired February 2013
Palmyra Delran meets with Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll host Wayne Olivieri.  The segment called "Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The World" presents Victoria Celestine from Austin TX and her brand new music video "In The World". We check in with the official Rock n' Roll Photographer of Woodstock Elliott Landy courtesy of the International Montreal Jazz Festival. "Bongo Boy Goes Wild" with host Mitchy B of Wild Adventurez where we learn a little about the passion of huge roaches. And we are introducing Bongo Boy Goes Hollywood with "2 Fur 1" with Jahnna Randall and Gizmo from Hollywood Ca.
There is lots of music and lots fun in this month's show.

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show
Series Episode No. 1011. Airs January 15, 2013

Part II of Pat Dinizio's (The Smithereens) interview with our host Wayne Olivieri. We have the TV premier of the short indie film "Fake Pocket Dial" written and directed by Jahnna Randall from Hollywood/LA California. "Bongo Boy Goes Wild" with host Mitchy B of Wild Adventurez directed by J".R. Vulpis.
Ending this episode " Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The World" with Trip To Dover from the UK and their music video  "Be Juliet".

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show
Series Episode No. 1010. Airs December 10, 2012

After 25 years BBRR host Wayne Olivieri meets up with Pat Dinizio from the Jersey rock band
the Smithereens. In this episode Wayne and Pat sit down in Pat’s kitchen and talked about music, touring with the Smithereens along with Pat’s current music projects like Las Vegas and more. We will also feature great music and videos from the Smithereens, like the one with actor Jean Claude Van Damme from the motion picture Timecop 1994.
Wayne’s interview with Pat will be aired in 2 parts. This episode starts us off with part 1 with Wayne and Pat bringing us back to the time when they won the battle of the bands at Plainfield High School with their band the Rockids, which included band members Danny Caruso, Gar Francis, Mark Baxter, Wayne Olivieri and Pat Dinizio (Now that is a bunch of talent!).
Then join “Bongo Boy Goes Wild” with Wild Adventurez’ host Mitchy B and directed by JR Vulpis; in this episode Micthy B will be teaching us about a really Leopard Gecko and covers the misunderstanding of the raising Pitbulls.
Next we travel to Canada to bring you our latest installment, “Indie Bands Brought To You From Around The Globe”, this month we feature the Canadian band Danko Jones. Their official music video "Had Enough", was taken from the band’s album Below The Belt. Check out the video as it was shot at a mansion in Yonkers and NYC, the video stars Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid), comedian Don Jamieson (That Metal Show/VH1), actor Frank Drank, and is the prequel to "Full of Regret " and directed by The Diamond Bros.
Band website and contact info: or
This month Bongo Boy introduces a new segment called “Fake Pocket Dial - A New Way Of Dating” from Jahnna Randell from Hollywood, Ca. and next month we will air in its entirety the short film, Fake Pocket Dial, that also features Jerseys own, the Doughboys song titled, “Turn Your Love On Me” written by Gar Francis.

In studio guests The Skyland Roller Girls from Warren County NJ with music from The Rockids, Plainfield Slim, Gar Francis and The Doughboys. Plus Bongo Boy Goes Wild with Wild Adventurez Host Mitchy B plus music videos from Indie Bands brought to you from around the Globe completes this fun entertaining and energetic TV show hosted by our own unique and really funny Wayne Olivieri. In this TV episode host Wayne brings to you the Skyland Roller Girls; as they are looking for a new location to roll and play and new members. You will learn the ins and outs of RollerDerby with a little bit of history and explainations about the sports of RollerDerby. Our segment “Bongo Boy Goes Wild” with Mitchy B. Wild Adventurez teaches you all about the snakes and other interesting and quit cute animals. "Indie Band Brought To You From Around The Globe" gives indie bands the opportunity to showcase their best music video. We received many submissions with great assistance of Deuce Mgmt & Promotions, as they did a shout out for Bongo Boy TV to find the best music video for this production back in September. This month selected artist is Chris Pope with a new single called "Mutiny On The Thames" from the UK.This first taste of Chris Pope’s forthcoming album Peace Of Mind is in the shape of "Mutiny On The Thames Chris has not only been a (hard) working musician since the late 1970s, he’s also a very talented songwriter as well. He was responsible for writing timeless anthems such as Maybe Tomorrow, Brave New World among others with The Chords as well as the critically acclaimed Pope albums Grace Of God and Tall Tales And Cheap Thrills. Artist Deuce Management & Promotion offers bands and artists from across the globe worldwide exposure. Further information can be found at and or you can email Rob Saunders at with a link to your music for a FREE evaluation. More info: Email us at: or

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show with guest The Doughboys and our new segments like Bongo Boy Goes Wild with Wild Adventurez Host Mitchy B and music videos from Indie Bands brought to you from around the Globe complete this fun entertaining and energetic TV show hosted by Wayne Olivieri. 
In this TV episode host Wayne brings to you the legendary 60's Garage band The DOUGHBOYS from Plainfield NJ.   You will be introduced to their rich history, their story and premiere of their new release CD "Shakin Our Souls". 
A new segment called “Bongo Boy Goes Wild” with Mitchy B. Wild Adventurez premiers and you will be introduced to some pretty cool snakes.
A brand new segment " Indie Band brought to you from around the Globe" gives indie bands the opportunity to showcase their best music video. We received many submissions with great assistance of Deuce Mgmt & Promotions, as they did a shout out for Bongo Boy TV to find the best music video for this production. This month selected band The KUT was the results from over 50+ music videos received Their single " Doesn't Matter Anyway" comes from the UK. An all girls band with a garage sounds is closing this episode.  Deuce Management & Promotion offers bands and artists from across the globe worldwide exposure. Further information can be found at 

TV Producer Monique welcomed the opportunity for an exclusive interview of the legendary female rocker from New York City.
Monique covered the exciting and colorful life of the very talented artist, music executive, music producer, writer, vocalist, songwriter and radio host Genya Ravan.  Watch the exclusive release of Genya’s new single "Cobblestones Rolling Stones" from her recently released her new album "Cheesecake Girl" .
Get a taste of the "Cheesecake Girl”, and some of her accomplishments, what she survived and a peek at Genya’s new music projects.
Watch the show as we are welcomed into her Studio in NY State as we sits down when Genya shares her life story, details about her book Lollipop Lounge, the tour with the Rolling Stones during Goldie and The Gingerbreads days, Women power in Ten Wheel Drive and hard work, and the upcoming movies and musical. This month’s show will also introduced a new segment called “Wild Adventurez” by Mitchy B and J. R.Vulpis, which will give you a closer look at New Jersey wild life hosted by Mitchy B starting next month.  Closing out the show is a segment about the indoctrination of Episode No.1005 which covered the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District with music by The DOUGHBOYS, which is now officially preserved in the archive of the Public Library of Plainfield NJ together with the New DVD “Rock n' Raw” by the legendary 60's Garage Rock band of Plainfield, NJ The DOUGHBOYS.

Wayne Olivieri interviewed Bert Brandsma, a professional saxophone player from The Netherlands. Bert and his band, The Dixieland Crackerjacks, toured North America and stopped in our studio in Belvidere, NJ. Also in this episode you will be introduced to the new web tv series from "Gelber and Manning in Pictures" called "Gintown" director James Lester. You will see their web series footage edited into an original song titled " I'm Keeping What I Got" from blues diva Jeanne Lozier and songwriter/Blues guitarist Gar Francis aka Plainfield Slim of their album - Queen Of Your Dreams.

In this episode you will be taken on a journey of a private house tour in the Van Wyck Historic District of the City of Plainfield New Jersey aka Queen City. Guests: the lovely April Stefel, VP of the Historic District Larry Quirk, Innkeeper Lamont Blowe and charming Vicki Blasucci. They will present to you their joy of living in Plainfield NJ today. Also you will see the annual Victorian Days in Belvidere, NJ as they celebrate a great festival each year the weekend after labor day.
Music in this show is by songwriter Gar Francis and The Doughboys.
"Another Cowboy Rides" - Written by Gar Francis - performed by Gar Francis
"Queen City" - Written by Gar Francis & Myke Scavone - performed by The Doughboys
"How It's Supposed To Be" - Written by Gar Francis - performed by Gar Francis

This month we had the opportunity to put together a great new TV show with Jersey's own psychedelic rock group The Grip Weeds. We made some changes to our show and we hope you like the new Theme Song: Lady Gaga by the Swinging Iggies?
Here is an exclusive early inside look into the psychedelic power pop rock new album
"Speed Of Live" by The Grip Weeds.

Tribeca Film Festival 2012 - Coverge of the music placements of two songs by recording artist Gar Francis in the movie Fairhaven
Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show hosted by Wayne O

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show - Guest Recording Artist Kelly Caruso, TV Host Wayne Oliver.

Ep1001 TV Show - Part II Guest Recording Artist Gar Francis Talks about the 70's & 80's Music Scene with TV Host Wayne Oliver.